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"Sudden Retirement" is a growing reality among baby boomers and is often just as scary and troubling as divorce or the loss of a loved one. Whether it's a buyout, company closing, or job elimination there are a myriad of emotional and financial issues that can impact a person’s overall well-being when they are forced into retirement. Therefore, it's important to have specific strategies and resources in place to deal with it.  

In 2010, 41% of retirees stopped working earlier than they expected. The most common reasons for retiring ahead of schedule were:

Extrapolate those numbers across 78 million boomers and we have a serious issue on our hands, my friends. Financially speaking, baby boomers will no longer be saving toward retirement, they'll be dipping into savings for personal and healthcare needs and adding significant weight to our already burdened Social Security system. Then there are the immediate emotional issues they have to deal with such as replacing their work identity, filling their time with meaningful activities, and staying active as well as socially connected.  Many of which they took for granted when working.  

Retirement Challenge Book

In a case of sudden retirement, there are both immediate and long-term issues that should be considered.  From the short-term perspective it's important not take the situation too lightly. An individual’s initial reaction may be to downplay the event and his or her feelings about it. That can make it easy for family and friends to play along with comments like, "Well, you're better off anyway," when in fact the situation can lead to serious repercussions including the dark side of retirement.

In order to address the situation, people can try to shine a positive light on the situation with questions like:

From the longer-term perspective, becoming more aware of the stages of grief is a good starting point. As I mentioned earlier, sudden retirement, like divorce or the loss of a loved one, can be a difficult transition.

Retirement Challenge Book

Sudden retirees typically progress through a series of grief-related stages, which usually take the form of an uncomfortable emotional experience that may even cause symptoms such as fatigue, sleeplessness, and irritability.   This is usually followed by a period of working through it by developing a retirement-based identity.

Finally, once the situation has been accepted, barriers are removed, and they catapult back into a routine and a sense of normalcy.

Overall, the sudden retirement trend is sure to continue and, whether you or a loved one are called to deal with it, it’s much more than just a financial transition.

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